Driving offences range in severity from fine only offences to offences carrying significant periods of imprisonment and lengthy disqualifications. We understand that facing court for these offences often risks losing the key to your livelihood. 

Karim + Nicol has a track record of success appearing in defended traffic matters and sentencing proceedings. We can represent you in matters including drink and drug driving, driving on a suspended or disqualified licence, negligent/dangerous driving, driving occasioning injury or death and police pursuits. 

Our solicitors regularly challenge penalty notices, and appear in licence appeals and applications for the removal of licence disqualification. We also have experience in appealing decisions by the RMS that effect your licence.  

If your license is important to you, contact our team to assist in persuading the Court to exercise leniency when determining whether or not you can keep your license. We can provide you with advice about the Alcohol Interlock Program and determine your eligibility for a device.