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A keen sense of social justice was fostered in me from an early age.  I was acutely aware of the injustices that pervade our community and for that reason I decided to study law.  Early on in my time at Law School I started working in the criminal law and I have never looked back.  I could see that working as a defence advocate could have an impact on ensuring equality before the law, no matter your background.

I have been privileged to work with some of the most dedicated and courageous advocates in the profession.  I know that to do this job well you must be equally passionate as you are skilled. Often we take our cases home with us; they occupy our minds long after we leave the courtroom or the office – it is not for the faint of heart.  

As well as learning from the best, I have been fortunate to teach the next generation of lawyers Criminal Law at the University of NSW.  I believe knowledge is power. I know that staying up to date with the law is key to the success of any lawyer. 

I am fortunate to have been raised on the Northern Beaches, where I am now bringing up my own family. They are the reason I decided to co-found Karim + Nicol Lawyers.  I plan to dedicate as much time and energy to the job I love, whilst also actively raising my family in the community I care so much about.   

At Karim + Nicol Lawyers, we are committed to supporting other local organisations who are equally dedicated to making our community a great one.  Now, with the knowledge and experience I carry from the years of appearing in courts in NSW, I feel grateful that I can continue to do this job as a partner in my own law firm. I look forward to working with you.