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We are a criminal law firm offering a personalised service to our clients across NSW. We provide exceptional representation at an affordable cost.

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At Karim + Nicol we go the extra mile to fight for the best outcome for you. We are committed to providing exceptional representation at an affordable cost. We understand that the court process can be daunting, and we are dedicated to guiding and supporting you through the legal system.

We use our knowledge, experience and reputation to make all the difference.

Experience quality.

The team at Karim + Nicol Lawyers offers the highest quality representation in all types of criminal matters.

Our solicitors provide skilled and passionate legal services. Our clients know that we are dependable, courageous and results driven.

Our priority.

At Karim + Nicol we make you our priority by providing high quality representation that is tailored for each of our clients.

If you have been charged by the police, or are in need of expert guidance or criminal law representation, contact us on 1800 965 885 for a free consultation.

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Our Team.

Our lawyers have years of experience in the criminal law. Get to know us better.

Karim criminal defence lawyer
Nadia Karim
Director - LLB, GDLP, LLM
Criminal Specialist Lawyer Carrie Nicol
Carrie Nicol
Director - LLB, GDLP

What We Do.

The team at Karim + Nicol provide first-class representation in criminal matters across all NSW courts. We also provide services and representation in traffic matters, AVOs, and other regulatory, professional disciplinary and quasi-criminal matters.

We are accomplished and fearless solicitor advocates, and when required, have access to leading barristers across the country to create the best team for you.

Criminal Defence

Karim + Nicol specialise in criminal defence law. Our solicitors and Accredited Specialists can work with you to fearlessly defend your matter and ensure the court hears your side of the story. Our experienced advocates provide tailor made representation suited to you.

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Traffic Law

We have vast experience and success appearing in all driving and traffic matters including drink/drug driving, dangerous/negligent driving occasioning injury or death, driving under the influence, regulatory offences, license appeals and removal of license disqualification.

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AVOs - Apprehended Violence Orders

We advise and represent those listed as the defendant in Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVO); and those listed as either the defendant or person in need of protection (PINOP) in Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVO).

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Wrongful Arrests and Malicious Prosecution

We are passionate about defending your rights and holding the police to a high standard in performing their role within our community. Our solicitors can advise and represent you in any claim that you may have against the police, including wrongful arrests, use of excessive force and malicious prosecutions.

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Inquests, Commissions, Inquiries & Tribunals

We represent those involved in a Coronial Inquest, or called as a witness in a Royal Commission. We provide advice about the consequences of your evidence, assist in the preparation of statements, and ensure your rights and privileges are protected.

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Karim + Nicol represent clients before the Parole Authority in parole revocations and applications for release. We also advise and represent clients seeking to reinstate their ICO or appeal a decision of the Parole Authority.

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We service all courts across NSW, with our office based in Manly.

PO Box 746, Manly 1655

E: info@karimnicol.com.au P: 1800 965 885